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April 12 2015

The spring of 2015 has been marked by a milestone event for NordFX – the number of trading accounts in the company has reached 1,000,000! Thousands of new accounts are registered in NordFX monthly as traders from various parts of the world give their preference to the company, choosing its high standards of quality and reliability. Regardless of the deposit amount, every NordFX customer receives top-level service and access to the most advanced online trading technology and products on financial markets. A wide selection of trading account types, platforms and instruments, innovative autotrading and signal copying services – all that's required to make trading for both beginners and the experienced not just convenient but also highly profitable. A short while ago, our customers were granted another fantastic opportunity to build up their capital due to the launch of the platform for trading binary options. Since day one of its existence, the cohesive NordFX team has been doing its best to meet the demands of even the most sophisticated customers, and we’re grateful to all who appreciate our efforts and have chosen NordFX as their trustworthy guide around the world of Forex. Thank you for joining NordFX !
On 10 March 2015, IAIR Awards held its annual victory ceremony in Hong Kong. NordFX is pleased to have won Best Broker / Forex Trading India. As the awards accolades put it, “For its leadership in making trading in financial markets more comfortable, convenient, effective and easy. Consistently meeting the strictest standards of financial stability and proper handling and providing its clients with new opportunities to secure profits, NordFX represents an excellent partner for a successful trading.” India and Southeast Asia as a whole are one of the major areas of focus for NordFX , and we’re grateful to market experts and traders for the recognition. This award will only stir us to work more and better for our customers’ benefit!
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Soup.io will be discontinued :(

Dear soup.io fans and users,
today, we have to share very sad news. Soup.io will stop working in less than 10 days. :(
It's breaking our heart and we honestly tried whatever we could to keep the platform up and running. But the high costs and low revenue streams made it impossible to continue with it. We invested a lot of personal time and money to operate the platform, but when it's over, it's over.
We are really sorry. Soup.io is part of the internet history and online for one and a half decades.
Here are the hard facts:
- In 10 days the platform will stop working.
- Backup your data in this time
- We will not keep backups nor can we recover your data
July, 20th, 2020 is the due date.
Please, share your thoughts and feelings here.
Your Soup.io TEAM
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February 05 2015

Beijing HYW Translation Company, is a large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, etc. The company headquarters is in Beijing and It has branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The company's website is www.chinatranlation.net. It is the leading translation website in China. In the translation category, it is in the top three hits on the Google, Baidu, Sohu and Sina search engines. With daily hits of over 20,000 and a total of 10 million hits so far, it ranks number one among all the translation companies in China. Since it was established in 1995, with support from experts and scholars from many universities and research institutes, the company has completed over 100 major state-level translation projects such as the Gezhouba Water Control Key Project, the Yellow River Diversion Works and the West to East Gas Pipeline Project. The company has also translated and published more than 100 foreign scientific books. Beijing HYW Translation Co., Ltd. has a long-standing relationship with about one thousand large foreign and domestic enterprises and organizations such as the United Nations Grain Plan Bureau, the State Development and Reform Committee, the State Council Development and Research Center, China International Bid Company, China National Petroleum Gas Corporation, China Petroleum Chemical Corporation, the World Economic Forum, IBM, HP, Boeing, Siemens, China Renmin University Press, and Enterprise Management Publishing House. Therefore, the company has earned a high reputation both domestically and abroad. Beijing HYW Translation Company Ltd holds the principle that quality and clients come first. Its translators and interpreters are scholars and language experts from well-known universities and institutes like Qinghua University and Peking University. We carefully select our translators through strict procedures to eliminate those unqualified and, by doing so minimize the mistakes/errors in translation from the beginning and at the source. All full-time and part-time translation candidates must pass a written test, have an interview with us and go through a probation period before they become our employees.We only recruit those who are both expert in languages and with certain specialty backgrounds. Our current General Manager studied in University of Science & Technology Beijing and Renmin University of China, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree and a PhD in Economics. He has fifteen years' translation experience, and has published more than 10 translated books. Our two Vice General Managers graduated from Qinghua University and Beijing University with a Master's Degree in Project Management and a PhD in Medicine. Both have more than 10 years' translation experience and have managed hundreds of translation projects. Our Managers' specialized backgrounds and accumulated translation experience laid a solid foundation for the company's development. Our translation quality is extremely reliable. The company provides a full range of translation services through its various departments, including the Client Department, Translation Management Department, Local and DTP Department, Proofreading and Composing Department, General and Simultaneous Interpretation Department, and Film Department. All staff members have a good command of at least one foreign language, are familiar with computer operation, and possess knowledge in at least one special field. We also have advanced office and professional composing equipment, desktop publishing staff, and website and multimedia personnel. Currently, we have more than 60 full-time translation, proof-reading and administrative personnel, and more than 2,000 part-time staff. We provide a superb quality and highly efficient translation service in the areas of technology, business, law, publication, software localization, website and multimedia localization, DTP, and simultaneous and general interpretation. We also lease simultaneous interpretation equipment. The primary goal of our company is to help clients to meet their needs.   From : http://www.bjchinesetranslation.com/About-Us/default16569.shtml ; Contact Us Canada: Tel:647 624 9243 Add:1907, 750 York Mills Rd, North York, Toronto, ON, M3B 1X1 Email:bjctn@vip.sina.com Beijing: Tel: +86-10-82115892 Fax: +86-10-82115892 Email:beijinghyw@126.com MSN: bjhyw@hotmail.com Add: Room 1507, Building 4, Sun Garden, Haidian District, Beijing Post Code: 100098 Shanghai: Tel: 0086-21-31200158 Email:shkehu@263.net Add: 20G of No. 38 of Caoxi North Road, Shanghai. Post code: 200030
Title: THE JACK WELCH LEXICON OF LEADERSHIP P A R T O N E Evolution of a Leader: The Welch Years Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 1 Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 2 Why a Jack Welch Lexicon of Leadership? Lexicon (lek-si-kon): (1) A dictionary; (2) A stock of terms used in a particular profession, subject, or style; a vocabulary. —THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY In his two decades at the helm of GE, Jack Welch did more to add to the leadership literature than any other CEO of the modern era. Not only did he give more thought to the business of leadership,Welch devised principles, strategies, and tenets to lead by. In creating one of the world’s most competitive corporations, Welch created his own lexicon, a new language that gave voice to the new methods and strategies that transformed GE from a century- old bureaucracy into a global juggernaut. The Jack Welch Lexicon of Leadership is alphabetically organized and includes more than 250 of the words, ideas, concepts, tools, and strategies used or created by Welch and GE between 1981 and 2001. Some listings, such as “Boundaryless,” have already found their way into the everyday language of business. However, there are dozens of terms that have received less attention but also played a vital role in advancing Welch’s leadership agenda. For example, while most managers have heard of Six Sigma, there has been less written about Master Black Belts and Green Belts. In similar fashion, Work-Out?,Welch’s sweeping cultural initiative, has garnered the spotlight in countless books and articles, while other 3 Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 3 concepts associated with the program, such as “high hards” and “rattlers,” have received far less attention. Many of the entries in the Lexicon were indeed the brainchild of Jack Welch and GE. However, it is worth noting that the book includes dozens of entries that were not invented by the GE chairman but have some unique and pertinent Welch application. For example, the entry for confidence does not include a literal definition, but instead explains why Welch felt that “instilling confidence” was one of his key responsibilities. In addition, to fully grasp why the GE chairman attributed such weight to confidence building, readers will learn the origins of Welch’s own self-assurance, as well as the role it played in crafting his vision for GE. The goal of the Welch Lexicon is threefold: 1. To give readers a guided tour of the language and strategies of all things Welch. Readers will gain valuable insights into the key management ideas that consumed Welch, while also learning the significance of these concepts and programs. The most important terms are clearly designated (with the Six Sigma icon) so readers know which Welch words and strategies formed the centerpiece of his leadership ideal. For example: 4 THE JACK WELCH LEXICON OF LEADERSHIP σσσσσσ Bureaucracy: Productivity’s enemy.Welch told his people to “fight it, kick it.” The GE CEO fought a two-decade war against bureaucracy with initiatives like boundaryless and Work-Out. GE’s list of values specifically addressed the company’s intolerance for bureaucracy (it was at the top of the list for many years), and stressed the importance of building an organization of trust, excitement, and informality. Welch recognized the adverse effects of bureaucracy and knew that unless he rid the organization of the worst of it, GE would never become a legitimate global competitor. Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 4 2. To impart additional insights into Welch’s key companywide initiatives. During his tenure,Welch launched four growth initiatives (globalization, Six Sigma, Product Services, and the e-Initiative) and one behavioral initiative (Work- Out). All key initiatives are explored at length, as are the key terms associated with each initiative. For example, not only is Welch’s Six Sigma initiative explored in depth but so are more than three dozen terms associated with that watershed program (e.g., Defects,Variance, etc.). 3. To chronicle the evolution ofWelch’s leadership thinking. Wherever possible, dates and chronology are included to help trace Welch’s evolution as a leader.Many of Welch’s key concepts and programs evolved over the years, and that chronology often played a major role in implementing a particular program. For example,Welch said that Six Sigma would not have been possible without Work-Out, the behavioral program that helped GE become a more boundaryless place in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The ultimate goal is to create a dictionary that is much more—a road map of the language and programs employed by the GE CEO in launching the many revolutions that earned Jack Welch the sobriquet of world’s greatest manager (although Welch dislikes the term “manager”—he prefers “leader”). It is intended to be a complete reference that can be read in its entirety or accessed for individual entries. An Incredibly Brief Welch History Welch, an only child, was born in 1935 and raised in Salem, Massachusetts. An avid sports enthusiast as a child, he credits the lessons he learned in a “scrappy place” called the “Pit” (the neighborhood gravel pit turned into a makeshift park) with forging his THE JACK WELCH LEXICON OF LEADERSHIP 5 Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 5 leadership abilities. He later attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and then went on to the University of Illinois, where he received a Master’s degree and a doctorate in chemical engineering. In October 1960,Welch joined GE in the plastics division in Pittsfield,Massachusetts. It was there that he formed his leadership ideal.Working in that exciting, fast-paced environment,Welch said, “Bureaucracy could not form, just as ice could not form in a swiftly moving stream.” (Despite this environment, Welch almost quit in 1961 when he received what he called a “lousy” $1000 raise that brought his income to only $11,500.) In the beginning, there were only two employees, which prompted Welch to liken his part of GE to a “corner grocery store.” In a neighborhood grocery store, you know the customers’ names, what they buy, who they are.Welch believes that confidence thrives in an informal arena. That metaphor would stay with him as he moved up the corporate ladder, becoming the company’s youngest general manager at age 33.Welch’s predecessor, Reg Jones, started searching for his successor in 1974, six full years before his retirement, and although the original list of 96 candidates did not include Welch, his name was added to the final list of contenders (see Succession Planning). In 1980, GE announced the name of it’s eighth CEO: 45-year-old John Francis Welch. On the day of the announcement, corporate America was in a tailspin. Interest rates were skyrocketing and the economy was sandwiched between two recessions. The stock market was in a shambles, emerging from its worst period since the 1930s. The Dow 30, which had first pierced 900 in the mid- 1960s, was at 937. And GE, one of America’s premier corporations, wasn’t doing much better. Despite the fact that Reg Jones was voted the best CEO by the Fortune 500 CEOs, GE’s stock, when adjusted for inflation, had lost half of its value over the previous 10 years. 6 THE JACK WELCH LEXICON OF LEADERSHIP Final Krames Part 1 7/25/01 4:11 PM Page 6 What happened next has been well-documented:Welch tells a colleague of his bold plan to launch a “revolution” and spends his first years reinventing the company. In the early 1980s he performed a brand of corporate surgery that shocked even GE insiders, selling off more than 200 businesses and acquiring 70, including the $6 billion acquisition of RCA.Welch transformed GE from an aging industrial manufacturer into a diverse, global juggernaut. In doing so, he helped corporate America regain its once heralded position as the world’s most valuable competitor. Not since Alfred Sloan revamped GM’s bureaucracy half a century earlier has one corporate leader had such a great impact on a large corporation. While much has been written about the Welch initiatives that became his trademark (e.g.,Work-Out, Boundarylessness), there has been less ink devoted to his basic tenets of business.Welch has consistently stated that “business is simple” and that “informal is a huge deal.” Simplicity and informality are as much a part of the Welch lexicon as “Work-Out” and “Boundarylessness.”When he speaks of his greatest accomplishments, he doesn’t talk about GE’s financial record, instead focusing on the “softer” aspects of leadership. From: http://www.bjchinesetranslation.com/Company_News/detail19345.shtml ; Contact Us Canada: Tel:647 624 9243 Add:1907, 750 York Mills Rd, North York, Toronto, ON, M3B 1X1 Email:bjctn@vip.sina.com Beijing: Tel: +86-10-82115892 Fax: +86-10-82115892 Email:beijinghyw@126.com MSN: bjhyw@hotmail.com Add: Room 1507, Building 4, Sun Garden, Haidian District, Beijing Post Code: 100098 Shanghai: Tel: 0086-21-31200158 Email:shkehu@263.net Add: 20G of No. 38 of Caoxi North Road, Shanghai. Post code: 200030 Beijing HYW Translation Company, is a large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, etc. The company headquarters is in Beijing and It has branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

February 01 2015

It all comes down to this match cheapest fifa 15. Over 200 countries entered qualifying, 32 made it South Africa, and on July 11th, 2010, 2 remain. The 2010 World Cup Final will be the biggest, most watched match in sports. One team will become world champion, a title they will hold for four years. Will we see a final ruled by controversy, as we did in 2006? Will it be a cheap fut 15 coins cagey affair, or will we see a back and forth match like the one in 1986, when Argentina beat West Germany 3-2? Here are all of the important details on the cheap fifa 15 coins World Cup final: RELATED ARTICLES Cheapest FIFA World Cup 2010 Flights - from $1179 Different Packages To Visit Brazil for FIFA World Cup FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Updates Spain vs Netherland Live Streaming Online TV||Can Holland win the World Cup? Where: Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa When: July 11, 2010 at 8:30pm local time (2:30pm EST) Who: Spain vs Netherland Can Holland win the World Cup? Only one team remain undefeated during the entire tournament, the Netherlands. They eased their way through the group phases and then disposed of Slovakia, the mighty Brazil and Uruguay. They have played at a consistently high standard and tempo throughout and have peaked at exactly the right time. No longer tarred with rumours of in house fighting this squad is united. In Wesley Sneijder they arguably have the player of the tournament and one of the World Cup's leading scorers. He has been fantastic, running games from midfield with his playmaking genius. Plus in Dirk Kuyt, Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben they have a constant goal threat. They do however still look suspect at the back at times. DESERVING FINALIST Spain was one of the favorites coming into this World Cup (pause here to gloat that yours truly picked Spain to make the final). But it wasn't until the second half Wednesday night that the Spaniards really seemed to kick it into high gear. And what better time to find your groove than four days before the final? Truth is, Spain deserves to be in the final. It has been the dominant team in Europe for the past few years. And the Netherlands deserves to be there, too, with a 14-0 record through qualifying and this World Cup -- not to mention its wonderfully entertaining Orange Nation of fans. These are, without question, the two best nations never to win a World Cup. It's nice to know that we are guaranteed a new champion Sunday. Germany should have had a clue that things were not going to go its way because Paul the octopus oracle chose Spain to win. Don't laugh. This is serious stuff. The eight-legged creature, which lives in Germany, correctly predicted the outcome of every Germany match at this World Cup. The octopus' owner puts out two plexiglass boxes, each with mussels inside. One box is decorated with the German flag, the other with the opponent's flag. Paul climbs into one of the boxes, and in every case the past few weeks, he has climbed into the box of the winner. He predicted Germany would lose to Serbia, beat England and Argentina, and lose to Spain. Not sure if Paul has a feeling about Sunday's final, but I do. If Spain plays how it played during the second half Wednesday, it will win. This is Spain's time. Underacheivers no more.
The original Ronaldo has taken to playing poker, that might explain why he is willing to take a punt on such a weak hand.With the waiting nearly over, one of the World Cup greats is weighing up the contenders.Here also please do not forget to obtain the cheapest fifa coins , also fifa coins pc to enjoy your fifa game .He mentions Brazil. Then he mentions pressure and Neymar. One of the most fascinating sub-plots of a magnificently open cheap fifa 15 coins competition will be how that 22-year-old deals with the demands of his country.As Ronaldo knows, Brazilian strikers don't carry light loads. RELATED ARTICLES Ways To Get Totally free FIFA Coins FIFA 14 : Christmas highlight in the UK The Best Suggestions For You To Preserve Your Fifa Coins And You Will Have Fun FIFA 15 Tricks and tips Summing up Then Ronaldo mentions England. In this summer of muted hopes, it may be the first prediction from the major footballing figure outside Roy Hodgson's squad. cheap fut 15 coins Ronaldo wants to throw some chips down.You don't know in football,he says. Over the years the sport has shown us great examples of this so you cannot say a team are not potential winners. England should really be considered, they can surprise us. Uruguay are very good but Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain are the strongest. For Ronaldo, it's nice to talk about football. He is the ambassador who is not a politician. Not in the sense that Romario is, his immediate predecessor in Brazil's list of great strikers.The two men don't get on terribly well these days. Their spats over the past year of organisational chaos have become something of a feature. While Romario, the star of Brazil's 1994 win, cheapest fifa 15 has turned to politics and been one of the loudest critics of the country's prioritisation of football over social policies, Ronaldo, the inspiration of their 2002 triumph, has been one of the event?ˉs major cheerleaders.Also if you are desire to buy cheap fifa 14 coins , and also fifa 14 ultimate team coins , and some other you can always come to the best online store at our website to get them in a minute and enjoy your game at most !While Romario has focused on the serious issues, Ronaldo has largely wanted to talk football and the glorious unpredictability of this World Cup, one where Brazil may be challenged by the little man called Lionel who lives next door.The potential exists for a great event and it also allows room for an enormous capitulation, such is the expectation in Brazil for a sixth World Cup win. Great expectations: The pressure will be on Brazil's next brightest star Neymar at the World Cup It is a pressure that could become relevant, based on a man who won one final, was an unused substitute in another and was central to the mother of all pre-final scandals in 1998.Brazil has a great chance,Ronaldo said. We played in the Confederations Cup and demonstrated what we can do (with a 3-0 demolition of Spain in the final). We have a solid defence, a midfield that battles very difficult and great goalscorers.We are at home and have an exceptional player in Neymar. The pressure will be greater than normal but the fans' support will spur the team on. German engineering: Miroslav Klose could beat Ronaldo's goal scoring record of 15 goals There is also the small matter of Ronaldo's record of 15 World Cup goals that could be taken by Miroslav Klose, that most un-Brazilian of German strikers.I am very proud of that record but records are there to be broken,Ronaldo added. It would be nice to keep it for a while longer but I am cheering for someone to break the record. It will be good for the sport. So would an England triumph, but that seems an altogether riskier bet.Eventually , welcome and thank you very much to our website . I hope you can enjoy this article ,and you are very welcome to our best online store to get the cheap fifa coins xbox for your football game to enjoy yourself at most . Best of luck to you !

January 30 2015

FIFA 14 free for a limited amount of Xbox One in Mexico When we talked about the European Xbox promotion that offered users the game buy fut coins 15  in digital format for a limited number of consoles, commented that just for this game , the console would sell very well in our country , a fact that becomes reality today and you will surely be glad to many Mexican consumers. RELATED ARTICLES Seeking Information On Video Game Cheat Codes Top RPG Video Games of All Time Juegos De Mario Bros - Enjoy the On-line Video games for Free Great Factor Upon Playing Driving Games Online To celebrate the launch on November 22 , Microsoft Mexico announced today the availability of a limited amount of Xbox One with FIFA 14 at no additional cost . The first consumer to acquire Xbox One will get included for the same price the game FIFA 14 downloadable Xbox One It was announced that this edition will be available at major retailers in buy fifa 15 fut coins the country, both in pre- and in limited quantities from the day of the launch at a suggested price of $ 8.499 pesos. In this respect Mexico Jaime Xbox Lemon said : Just as Mexican consumers received the first Xbox console with open arms 11 years ago , we are sure that Xbox One will have the same or greater acceptance. Always listen to the needs and preferences of Mexican consumers and for this reason and as part of the introductory offer in our country , we deliver even more value to your purchase including one of the favorite titles of the Mexican players , without additional cost to the first people to buy Xbox One Meanwhile Roberto Canovas , General Manager of Electronic Arts for Latin America , said : No doubt this is the most attractive offer entertainment for all consumers looking for all ranges of Xbox One and the new Graphics Engine " Ignite " which has FIFA 14. Players who think , move and behave like real athletes , in environments as dynamic and changing as real life stadiums are some of the features that stand out from this powerful next-generation graphics engine . buy fut coins 15 will be available for individual sale throughout the country. In the press release sent by Microsoft to give this news, he also said that , as we know , the Mexican fans can try the console this weekend at the Electronic Games Show 2013 to be held in Mexico City . Undoubtedly a very good move by Microsoft for many Mexican players given the encouragement they need to acquire your console soon . What do you think ? The Ignite engine EA Sports will enable new possibilities for their sports titles , and fans will recognize both its graphics and its gameplay significant improvements in the new generation of brand sports games . In a new trailer is presented the way players will have the chance to play with much more realistic techniques and even fight for air balls with much more precision. We remind you that FIFA 14 will be a title that will be offered for free to a limite
FIFA world cup 2014 is scheduled for Brazil. It is the time for the football lovers across globe to be the part of event and enjoy real party. This is the 20th FIFA World Cup. buy fifa 15 coins online  is known to be the one of the men's biggest tournament, happening on planet earth. However, the tournament is also meant for bevies. Brazil is the host to FIFA for the second time. Once it was in the year 2007, and this time it is 2014 event. As per the schedule, there are 64 matches that will be played in twelve different cities spread across Brazil. One of the amazing things to note is that for the first time in the history of FIFA, goal-line technology will be incorporated. With this new technology around, expectations of audience to view goal planning will be fulfilled. Now, that briefing was with respect to the FIFA. What about the buy fifa 15 fut coins online event management software? RELATED ARTICLES Event Management Services, Event Management Company India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad Ways of developing computer technologies Dell Company Event Registration Software is a Boon for Event Planners The software will increase the sales of FIFA tournament tickets. As more number of football enthusiasts will be around to book the tickets in advance, online events booking software will provide you the advantage. The enthusiasts will fall on your website for ticket booking. It obviously means that your website would register increased sales as booking will be quick, and tickets will be easily available too. What else could online events scheduling software do for your events management business? There are plenty of considerations to think around here! The software will give your attendees real time scenario to host their events. With all the buy fut coins 15 synchronized and hosted, attendees will have good number of reasons to enjoy as they are ready for the booking. When the attendee has booked the seat for FIFA tournament, he or she would need to make the payment. The online event booking software has an elaborate platform that allows quick and secured online payments. Once the payments are made a receipt will be emailed to the attendee's account. For number of good reasons around, online events booking software will make your attendees happy and keeps your events business growing. As far as attendees are concerned, they don't need to spend the physical labor to buy the tickets. Everything is simple yet sophisticated. Many online event planning companies in USA are offering options to book tickets for FIFA grand football festival too. If you are football enthusiast, all that you need to do is shop around for few minutes. By shopping around you'll come across some cool online events planning and scheduling software.

January 14 2015

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Based on the FIFPro World XI, the fut 15 coins Team of the Year features the highest-rated, and most coveted, player in-forms in FIFA Ultimate Team. The official Team of the Year players will be revealed Monday, January 12 and will only be available for one week. To predict the Team of the Year, EA SPORTS have assembled a roundtable of pro players to have their say on who should make the World XI. Led by QPR defender and former England captain Rio Ferdinand, The Roundtable consists of Joey Barton (QPR), fut 15 coins buy Tottenham right-back Kyle Walker, and the strongest player in FIFA, Adebayo Akinfenwa. Xtmmo.net is currently the best Fifa 15 coins supplier , if you havent prepare yourself with the best Squad and troubling where to find the cheapest coins suppliers come and visit our website , the prices are unstable recently but we promise to all gamers we will provide the most reasonable price for everyone with huge amount of coins in stock . In the mean time our 24&7 customer service will help you online for fast delivery make sure every customer gets their coins in the first place. Enjoy Your Game!

January 10 2015

An integral part of what makes the World Cup so incredible are the matches chosen penalties. In EA SPORTS 2014 fifa 15 coin World Cup, new mechanics from shot tuning to new save animations brings the effectiveness of your second alive. Penalties from match can feature players lined-up down the fringe of your respective box happy to react in case the shot is missed. RELATED ARTICLES FIFA 15 comes out at GamesCom Neymar Left World Cup while Square off against Belgium Do You Believe That Brazilian Ronaldo Believes That England Could Win The 2014 World Cup Keepers may also use Goalkeeper Antics to distract the kick-taker. In particular , the infamous wobbly-knees up to the more comical matador and shoot-it-there motions Keepers use to botch a shooter. adidas Ball Physics EA SPORTS is proud to partner with adidas to make essentially the most realistic ball physics system welcomed within a football title. By using data collected by adidas' Innovation Lab in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Brazuca and also other adidas balls inside game react because they would in the Cheap Fut Coins real world. For example true-to-life flight, grass friction and moisture which could get yourself a new way a player moves with the ball. EA Sports 2014 fifa 15 coin prices World Cup Brazil is scheduled for release for Ps3 and Xbox 360 console consoles on April 15. End of accidental bombs within the lower corners of lousy musicians performed Fifa 14 Coins in this particular particular edition with all the game can provide more satisfaction than previous versions, because everybody knows that individuals achieved it possible to required perfect shot. However the new system and behavior shots the ball after it hit is often thought to be a bare advantage, it isn't really in the least 100 % correct. You can find really strange situations, for instance perfect shot along with his right foot inside the bar by thirty meters in execution striker with two left feet. Fortunately, some recent renovation reduced the amount of so peculiar a predicament almost to zero. Scoring goals volley 14 doesn't seem possible. I do not keep Buy fifa 15 coins in mind I was qualified to 8 weeks to get by doing this from a distance more than five meters, despite many attempts. Frequently after hitting a football bounces started a number of feet as you're watching shooter or hen goes far into your stands. Dribbling should deceive defenders near, looking forward to a pass letter. This opens space for the good run or even a possible cross kick. Cheap Fifa Coins Named following a Irish skilled, spin is generally a beautiful dribble that work well adequately in many situations. To use it a new player with 4 or 5 stars dribbling is vital. To cooperate with the rotation is not hard. When using player on tour, tap the best stick forward, after which it to one or more side (according to the player's position). This could cause the athlete to turn quickly without losing speed, finding space to advance on. Throughout the full call time performance of next-generation consoles and memory, FIFA 14 also brought the "elite skills" - numerous new techniques, including new shooting mode ( for example sideways volley shot, turn and head the ball first time Jin shot ). and also the new passing style ( eg ball, head pass, pass and cut hanging mass, plus the behavior of numerous new players, including the road involving the big stop the FIFA 14 for PS4. whirled around in order to manage when defensive player, loss of balance under shoot the ball, shoot the ball missed reactions, etc. These are generally all attributed to significantly enhance the memory capacity of next-generation consoles.click here to buy.

December 26 2014

Original title: Global Times: "50 percent of your" buy Russian oil China has so stupid it "50% of your" buy Russian oil, China has so stupid it 24th came a news shocked the public opinion field again, saying that Russia's crude oil exports to China, the average price of $ 90 per barrel in November, the international oil price of $ 60 is 50% higher. This news portrayed as "stupid, taken for a ride," the Chinese government's image, declaring that China is a global oil price volatility, "the biggest loser." Has allowed the United States feel the competitive pressures of the world's second largest economy and the largest trade body, is in the hundred and fifty in this way of doing business with the world do? If such a "foolish nation" can do the United States, Japan and other global economic giant overwhelmed by it, whether it is China stupid, or the entire Western world it is more stupid? Bulk grain and other bulk oil trade and global trade is the way to buy futures, which is the common sense of the business sector. China is to fulfill the purchase agreement before November from Russia as well as imports from the Middle East, Latin America, oil, do not know if it even went to the court of public opinion yell, thought he discovered the "New World", which gives us how do you say? China-Russia oil and gas price negotiations have been a very hard thing, the two sides are very tenacious material wealth. If even 50% of Chinese are so distressed Debu, then you never have leaked during the CICA summit in Russia this year, "talk is not going to say next," but at the last minute to reach the two gas "big one" in a dramatic scene. Western media are believed due to the crisis in Ukraine and Russia and the West tensions, China on price negotiations gained the advantage. Futures led to unique risk thiourea, when the rapid decline in global oil prices, the company executed import transactions oil-importing countries is likely a loss, but the economy will benefit the entire country. When oil prices soar, it will turn. Oil supply agreement between Russia and the international purchase agreements, there must be a price floating in space, when the international price volatility, whether up or down, the parties to the agreement will be renegotiated price. That those who do not need those who want to "black" the Chinese government and related agencies worried. cyclodextrin Why are some people so willing to "black" the Chinese government? Just last week a large ruble devaluation, it was claimed that a currency swap agreement just like China and Russia to Russia's "give money machine", sudden, big joke. This past few days, the same logic of the piece comeback, "black" spirit of this country in every corner of the field where public opinion is always so abundant. There are probably two reasons, one is "public opposition" phenomenon is destined pluralistic society, so any time there must be a group of people rarity stubble mainstream institutions of government and society to do everything possible to prove that they are foolish, for looking out of all sorts of specious isopropyl nitrate. Such criticism is often wrong, and some inherently wrong with being granted, but critics often avoid loss of reputation, there appeared a second reason: there is a certain social values split, some people only recognize the position, regardless of the right wrong. Like China, "the higher price of oil," "through the exchange of money to Russia to send money," some people will feel that they do not meet the common sense, but because they are the target of the government, those people behind this kind of criticism, which is also wrong the first call forwarding good to say. There is a saying prejudice is more terrible than ignorance, bigotry values were once kidnapped relatively crazy. Fortunately, such a person is only relatively common on the Internet, in reality, most people silent, keeping the old cattle-like existence. The Government will make mistakes, of course, the government usually consists of the elite, but the extent of the government is not always wise elite intelligence sum they subtract the situation is there. Reform is to make government smarter and more efficient. China has accomplished all these years there are problems, but the state of governance in general more successful, which is the world, including a large number of Western elite consensus. Perhaps the governance of this country is not perfect, but other countries in the same period in contrast to China is not the best one is the best. Chinese diplomacy is robust, not a big strategic mistake, which is the mainstream of the global evaluation of the diplomatic community and academia. Chinese people should be confident that we are not that stupid, can see their own interests in the complicated international situation, and through a variety of win-win China continues to accumulate revival.
Pre-sales of international oil prices, the rate of change of the crude oil that is low in the negative. Late affected by oversupply and the economic data, international oil prices continue downward trend shocks. In this circumstance, the rate of change in crude oil than it is deep down, the market is expected to continue down enveloped the domestic oil market. Friday (December 26), the oil price adjustment window opens, insiders predict that the current round of price adjustment to implement the possibility of large, or down 590 yuan / ton. Towards 2014, or the biggest decline Information analyst Yu Xu Lijuan introduced to seize market share, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and other Gulf oil producers refused to cut frequently heard the news, the Saudi cyclodextrin Minister Ali al-Naimi said that even if oil prices fall or even $ 20, it must will not cut. So laissez-faire attitude of the downstream oil prices triggered a part on the use of low oil prices, Saudi oil shale supplant the United States against Iran and Russia conjecture. And although the United States shale oil to promote new forms of energy, but the high cost of oil shale mining, coupled with the decline of oil continue to impact the way the oil shale market, some companies have significantly reduced oil and shale gas exploration plan. In addition, crude oil fell during the United States has more than 20 energy companies sharply devalued thiourea. Liu Yun Cho Chong Information oil analyst estimates, the refined oil down in the range of about 590 yuan / ton. 90 # gasoline equivalent to 0.43 yuan / liter, 93 # gasoline 0.45 yuan / liter, 0 # diesel 0.50 yuan / liter. On a valuation period, depending on the country to improve the oil consumption tax, set off against some of the decline in oil products. Since the presence of refined oil fell last space that shows the current consumption tax has been increased to place price in the short term, temporary no longer be adjusted. It is understood that this will be the last time in 2014 the NDRC oil prices be adjusted, if the price adjustment implemented, will also be the biggest decline in oil cyclodextrin in 2014 year. Low oil prices or a normal run since June, by the excess supply of global oil resources, geopolitical conflict, a stronger dollar and a series of negative factors weighed on the international crude oil into the continuing decline channel, dragged down by domestic oil also spate ushered down, domestic gasoline and diesel prices, whether wholesale or retail both have slipped to lows. How future oil prices, Xu Lijuan analysts believe OPEC refused to cut energy resources in the country due to the global oil supply is still abundant in the market to suppress the price of oil is one of the dominant factors in the short term, the international crude oil or difficult to have a substantial rebound, and with the international crude oil closely related to the domestic oil dragged down by maintaining low prices or a normal run.

December 25 2014

デフレを追い風に、大手デベロッパーなどが参入し、その勢力を拡大してきたアウトレットモール。いつの間にか、ファミリーやカップルが週末のひと時をアウトレットで過ごすことが定番となった。だが、これまで順風満帆な成長を遂げてきたこの業界も成長は鈍化し、曲がり角を迎えている……。 2012年「全国アウトレットモール番付」発表! 今年開業の木更津は? - 日経トレンディ(8月11日)素材展示会 日経トレンディが発表している全国の主要アウトレットの実力を示したアウトレット番付。買い物、飲食施設、交通手段、付帯設備などの面から本当に魅力的なアウトレットを格付けしている。調査の結果、東の横綱には「御殿場プレミアムアウトレット」、西の横綱には「三井アウトレットパーク ジャズドリーム長島」が輝いた。 今年4月にオープンした「三井アウトレットパーク木更津」は東の小結に、プレミアムアウトレットの西の旗艦店「神戸三田プレミアムアウトレット」は西の大関にランクインしている。 現在アウトレットモールの数は全国に30以上あり、特に首都圏、関西圏では飽和状態を迎えつつある。テナントだけでなく、立地や設備面などでほかとは違う魅力を発信し、差別化を図る必要に迫られているようだ。 不況下の小売り優等生・アウトレットに異変 - 東洋経済オンライン(3月15日) 少し前の記事になるが、アウトレット業界の変化を掴んだ記事を紹介。この5年間で1.5倍、6000億円以上の市場規模を誇るアウトレット業界だが、その大半を「2強」といわれる三井不動産とプレミアムアウトレットを運営するチェルシージャパンが占めている。全国にアウトレットモールが誕生し、消費者も足を伸ばす生活スタイルは一般化。すると、アパレルメーカーではいわゆる「アウトレット品」が品薄となり、アウトレット向けの専門商品が半数を占めるという実態も……。 この結果、アパレル側がアウトレットへの出店を渋る傾向も見え始めている。ただし2強の集客力とその魅力は圧倒的。アパレル担当者も「ほかのモールから撤退しても(2強には)出店したい」と本音を明かしている。 関空利用の外国人を取り込め りんくうアウトレット増設 - SankeiBiz(7月11日) 平成12年にオープンした、古株のアウトレットモール「りんくうアウトレット」がこの7月に3回目の増床を行った。関西国際空港の対岸という立地や、関空へのLCC就航などを追い風に、アジア各地の外国人観光客を取り込みたい考えだ。新店舗としてはバーバリーやセイコーなどといった外国人観光客に人気のブランドを誘致。案内所には中国語堪能なスタッフを配置しており、外国人の利用を現在の5倍に拡大するという目標を掲げている。はたして、外国人というブルーオーシャンの気持ちを掴むことができるのか、りんくうの成否が、これからのアウトレットの姿を左右することになりそうだ。 【登場!インタビュー】チェルシージャパン 代表取締役社長 山中拓郎さん - LIVING東京(7月5日) 「プレミアムアウトレット」を手がけるチェルシージャパン代表取締役社長の山中拓郎氏を直撃した本記事。7年間の海外生活で経験した「ロサンゼルスやニューヨークのアウトレットで味わったワクワク感を、多くの人に伝えたい」という熱い思いを語り、本場アメリカとは違い飲食店を充実させることで長時間滞在を促すという日本ならではの工夫も明かす。そんな山中氏の趣味は、もちろんショッピング。「良い物を長く使うのがポリシー」という社長だが、はたして自身のアウトレットで買い物しているのだろうか……? (文=萩原雄太/かもめマシーン) http://www.asiafashionfair.jp/
私が子供の頃は11月言えば、もう冬だったような気がしますが、今では紅葉の秋といったところですね。しかしながら、今週は日に日に気温が下がっていくようなので、鍋がおいしい季節となるようです!! 皆さんも体調にはくれぐれも気を付けて下さいね!! さて、インデップでは月末からスタートします、夏物展示会に向けて準備が進んでいますアパレルメーカー。 季節はまだ秋だとゆうのに、夏物です!!展示室もインド綿商品がズラりと並び、一気にリゾート感が増しています素材展示会。 商品一点一点にも魂を込めて作りますが、それをどうディスプレイするかといったVMDも非常に大切で展示会を成功させるかどうかのポイントの一つとなっています。 今回はスタイリングを意識し、どういったシーンにどういうコーディネートをするのかといった提案が出来るようなディスプレイを目指しています!! 完成しましたらまた写真等アップしますね!! 展示会も展示室もインデップ社員一人ひとりがしっかりと考え、アイデアを出し合いながらよりよいものを創造できるように日々努力しています!! お客様に喜んで頂けるようなモノを創り続けていきます!! 来年の母の日に向けて・・・ 2014/11/01 みなさま こんにちは! 朝晩の冷え込みが体にしみますが、みなさまはいかがお過ごしですか? 私は来年の母の日用に納品するための商品を提案するため、今週一週間は商談&商談になりました! 昨年のデータを基に、今年の提案内容を考え、来年の売り場をどうするのか?という話し合いです。 来年の事だから、分からないと言ってしまえば、それまでですが、そこをイメージするのが営業womenです☆女性ならではの提案をするために日々、試行錯誤の毎日ですが、今後もお客様の売り場に華やかさをご提案できればと考えています。 来年の母の日の売り場が楽しみです♪ ワクワクバザー☆☆☆ 2014/10/28 皆さんこんにちは。 朝晩はめっきり冷え込んできて日に日に冬の訪れを感じますが皆さん体調など崩されてはいないでしょうか!? 弊社ではこのような季節の変わり目などにワクワク委員会の方が主催の『ワクワクバザー』なるものが開催されます♪このワクワクバザーは企画などの段階で使用したサンプルを社販できる何ともワクワクする企画です☆☆ 今回もたくさんのワクワクと満足を感じることができ大盛況でした(^^) このような企画を通して社員自身が『装う幸せ』を実際に感じることができ、また家族にもそのワクワクを届けることもできます!!!! 様々な形で社員還元をしてくださる委員会の皆様や会社に感謝です!!!! 敬老の日イベント 2014/10/23 皆さんこんにちは。 インデップの企業使命として「お母さんにワクワクを与える」というものがあります。 それはこれまで私たちを支え、育てて下さった感謝の気持ちです。 インデップでは「母の日」「敬老の日」を大切にしています 。 「敬老の日」イベントとして、地元の特別養護老人ホームにお伺いさせて頂き、 多くのお母さんの皆様に自社商品をプレゼントさせて頂きました。 弊社社員ともにどの服が自分に似合うかと一緒に選ばれ、とても笑顔になられていました。 こうやって誰かのお役に立てているという事を実感させて頂けて、とても感謝の気持ちです。 今回のイベントが地元ビジネス情報誌に掲載されました。 これからも地域貢献できる企業であり続けたいと思います!!
アパレル業界の年収に興味がある方のための役立つ情報を紹介 アパレル年収や店長、販売員の年収を詳しく解説します。 アパレルの年収の平均は、480万円でした。(口コミ調べ) 年収は地方と都心の推移を見てみると200万~530万円となっています。 お給料(月収):約10万円~30万円 【アパレルの仕事内容】 主に接客販売作業、商品管理作業、店舗管理作業を行います。 衣料・小物などの商品を管理し、ディスプレイなど店内の飾り付けを行い、来店したお客様とコミュニケーションをはかり、商品を販売します。 【アパレル店長の年収は?】 アパレル店長の年収は300~400万程度になります。地方によっては、200万円アパレルメーカー多いようです。 【アパレル販売員の年収は?】 販売員の年収は、役200~250万程度になります。地方によっては、100万~200万円のところも多いようです。 アパレルの業務は本部、管理職、一般職に分類されます素材展示会。 一般職、管理職は店舗にて接客や商品の管理を中心とした業務になりますが、本部に所属する人は商品のブランディングやマーケティングなどの戦略業務を行います。 本部の人間は会社を経営して行く感覚が求められます。 基本立ち仕事で体力がいる、労働時間が不規則で長い、給与面の低待遇など、労働環境は一般的に恵まれていないイメージもあり、独立したブランドを立ち上げるごく一部の例を除き、ほとんどのアパレル販売員は20代で構成されています。
導入事例1 -BzPLAN WE- 急拡大する組織構造に伴い、情報の一元管理と柔軟性のある管理システムの早期構築を実現 ご紹介させていただくA社は、海外を含め全国各地に1000店舗以上を展開する子供服を主体としたアパレル企業です。ITLでは、管理会計システムとしてBzPLAN WE、情報分析システムとしてBzWebFriendをご提案させていただきました。 <システム化の背景と課題> 大手アパレルA社は、創業から10数年という短期間に事業構造や組織構造が急拡大したことに伴い現場最適化を中心とした現行システムでは、管理業務の拡散などの問題がありました。情報の共有によsる有効活用や分析・アクションの早期化が課題となっていました。 アパレルメーカー現行の管理会計の仕組みには、ExcelやAccessを使用していたため、情報の収配処理に時間がかかり肝心の分析業務や経営判断の為の資料作成に遅延が発生するなど経営情報の管理に多大な人的・時間的コストが発生素材展示会。 システム化にあたり、レガシーシステムとの連携やリアルタイムな情報収集及び、社員全員が使用できる親和性の高いユーザーインターフェースを持つシステムが要求されました。 <具体的なシステム化> システムレイアウトイメージ図 当社ではお客様から相談を受け、約2週間程度のお時間をいただき、レガシーシステムのデータ遷移や業務の流れを取り纏め、管理会計システムとしてBzPLAN WEと情報分析の為のBzWebFriendをご提案させていただきました。 BzPLAN WEでは、現行基幹システムのSuperStream(制度会計)や営業・販売システムとの実績データ収集のインターフェースを構築し、定型業務としての 予算編成業務と予実管理を行い、BzWebFriendでは現場主導の多次元分析を可能にする為、各種レガシーシステムとのI/F及び、一部の管理業務表 やポータル機能を構築し、お客様ご自身でシステム構築ができるようになる為の教育を行いました。 <システム概要> 会社概要 日本及び海外に、オリジナルブランドの子供服・婦人服及び関連製品を展開する製造加工販売 主な管理業務 組織別/店舗別/エリア別/販売チャネル別/ブランド別などの切り口で収益分析を行う。 主なアドオン開発 複数体系間連動機能 システム環境 アプリケーションサーバー: OS/Windows2003server , CPU/Xeon3.4 , Mem/4GB , Disk/72GB データベースサーバー: OS/Windows2003server , CPU/Xeon3.4×2 , Mem/4GB , Disk/144GB <BzPLAN WE活用のポイント> アパレル業における管理会計は、多岐に渡る管理セグメント、取り扱いビジネスユニットのサイクルの早さ、管理内容の柔軟な変更が求められます。 導入していただいたBzPLAN WEでは、基本機能となる事業予算策定の他に各種切り口(エリア・販売チャネル・ブランド別)での収益分析を行なう管理体系をさらに3つ作成し、さまざまな切り口で収益分析をおこなえるようカスタマイズさせていただきました。 また、BzWebFriend(BIツール)にて経営者向けの指標モニタリング及び、バイヤー・営業マン向けに販売分析を行なえるようにしました。それにより パワーユーザーは、BzWebFriendを利用し独自の分析資料作成や自由分析を行なっています。 <導入効果> BzPLAN WEによるWeb化された予算編成業務では、管理業務が画一化され決算の早期化や情報の有効活用により管理業務のコスト削減、現場管理業務の底上げ及び、全社員の収益意識の向上が図られました。 現場レベルでリアルタイムな多次元分析ができるBzWebFriendは、システム構築機能も現場に開放し情報の一元管理されたシステムから独自の自由分析を行う事ができるためお客様に大変喜んでいただけています。
セーレン㈱(東京本社:港区南青山 福井本社:福井市毛矢/代表取締役会長:川田達男)は、 8月27日(水)より開催されております「第2回 先端繊維素材展示会(WEB展)」(主催:日本化学 繊維協会)へ出展しています。 当社独自のデジタルプロダクションシステム「Viscotecs」や、差別化高機能素材をご紹介しております。アパレルメーカー ぜひご覧下さい。 当社ブースはこちらから ?  こちらをクリックしてください。 * 第2回 先端繊維素材展示会(WEB展) 開催期間 : 2014年8月27日(水)~2014年10月27日(月) また、10月1日(水)、ビッグサイトTFTホールにて開催される「先端繊維素材シンポジウム」へ 協賛いたします。 * 第2回 先端繊維素材シンポジウム 開催日時 : 2014年10月1日(水) 9:20~16:30 会 場   : ビッグサイトTFT 西館?ホール1000 お問い合わせ AFF事務局 住所 大阪市中央区久太郎町4丁目1番3号大阪センタービル2階 担当 黄雨晨 連絡先 Tel.86-10-65285310 Fax.86-10-65123051 E-mail huangyuchen@asiafashionfair.jp
会期 2015年4月14日(火)~16日(木) 会場 マイドームおおさか 展示面積 6,000㎡ 展示内容 アパレル、服飾品、副資材、ホームテキスタイルなど 主催 AFF株式会社、一般社団法人日中経済貿易センター 運営 AFF事務局   ※問:AFFとは 答:AFFとはASIA FASHION FAIRの略称です。CFFCHINA FASHION FAIRの名称を変更したものです。AFFは日本繊維アパレル業界で最大級のOEM・ODM展示会です。2003年から毎年、春は大阪で、秋は東京で開催し、ビジネス効果がよいと業界の皆様に評価されています。

※問:AFFは主に何を展示しますか。それぞれの出展割合は。 答:AFFの出展内容は各種アパレル、アクセサリー、生地、副資材、ホームテキスタイルです。アパレルは約7割です。服飾品、生地、副資材、ホームテキスタイルなどは3割ですが、出展効果が良いので、割合が増えつつあります。素材展示会

※問:初めてAFFに参加するのですが、どんな準備が必要ですか。展示会のプロセスを知るにはどうしたらいいですか。 答:貴社の出展申込を受け取ってから、AFF事務局担当者よりご連絡させていただき、展示会のプロセスを指導させていただきます。出展募集が終了後、各出展企業に料金徴収通知書及び「出展者マニュアル」を送付します。マニュアルは出展スケジュール、小間、道具、ビザ、旅行、運輸などに関する様々な情報が載っています。

※問:小間はどんなタイプですか。角小間とは何ですか。小間には何が含まれていますか。 答:小間は標準小間と特装小間の2種類があります。うち、標準小間もA型(メッシュパネルx1)、B型(棚板x3)とC型(棚板x6)の3種類に分けられ、特装小間は標準小間の面積の3倍以上から注文を承ります。標準小間の基本備品は社名板、テーブルと椅子、ライト、ハンガーパイプ、棚板またはメッシュパネル、ゴミ箱が含まれます。

※問:展示会の小間配置はどう区分されていますか。 答:AFFの小間配置は品目または貿易形態により、同業種集中の原則で区分されます。主催者は出展企業が提出した「出展者登録書」に記入している品目情報を参考し、小間配置を行います。出展情報を正確にご記入いただき、出展品目ができるだけ単一で、得意分野が目立つようお願いします。そうすると、正確な製品宣伝に役立ち、バイヤーもお目当てのブースへ辿りやすいです。

※問:出展募集を行う会社は各地に存在していると聞いていますが、これらの会社と主催者はどんな関係ですか。信頼できますか。 答:近年、AFFの発展に伴い、各地域に出展募集を行う代理会社ができ、うち、団体や会社もあります。これらは、主催者と長年にわたる協力関係を持つ会社で、よい出展サービスを提供できます。出展募集を行う会社に対し、何か問題があれば、主催者へご連絡いただき、信頼性を確かめます。

※問:展示会場に入るため、証明書類あるいは入場券が要りますか。 答:展示期間中、出展者入場カードを持って、展示会場に入ることができます。入場カードは展示会の準備日に会場受付で受け取ります。入場カードは出展者の唯一の身分証明で、必ず展示期間中にご着用ください。来場者の入場には、展示会招待状を持参するまたは会場受付で登録を行い、入場カードを受け取ります。展示会開催前の約3週間、全出展企業に招待状電子版を送り、既存のお客様へご案内いただきます。

※問:展示会スケジュールはありますか。会期中、毎日の開始時間と終了時間は何時ですか。 答:AFF会期は3日間です。

   AFFAsia Fashion Fairは、11年間で22回開催してきた日本最大級の繊維・ファッションOEM・ODM展示会です。アパレル、素材展示会、副資材、ホームテキスタイル、服飾品などを展示します。出展企業はいずれも対日貿易が経験豊富で、ODM・高機能・ファストファッション・低価格などに対応可能です。ここ数年、日本の繊維産業はアジア地域での多様化発展を実現し、いわゆる「チャイナ+1」の傾向がますます顕著になりました。中国企業も「チャイナ+1」に取り組んでおり、多くの企業が東南アジアで工業を設立し、製品の製造地は中国からアジア各国に広がっています。AFFは、より多くのサプライヤーを集め、バイヤーの皆様により多くの選択肢を提供します。アパレルメーカー


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